Dedication in El Junco


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Monchin shows Francis and Richard Seivert the cross he is making for the dedication.
Richard Seivert holds one of the arches onto which one of the plaques will be welded.
Jaido cuts one of the pipes that will be bent into an arch.
Monchin and Carolyn Bickford bend the pipe into an arch.
Jaido taps a metal plate into a curved shape that will form the cap of the large pipes on the cross. Francis Seivert helps to measure the height of the cross - 7 ft.
Richard Seivert watches as Jaido sands the edges of the pipe until they are smooth. Jaido continues to sand the edges of the pipes forming the cross.
Monchin displays the paper diagram of the plaques being used on the cross. The workers hold one of the plaques into place prior to its being welded onto the arch. The plaque reads: Through water, He gives life to all.
Richard Seivert and Jaido hand sand the capped edges. Jaido sands the capped  edges smooth.
Richard Seivert finishes the sanding around the welded areas. Richard and Francis Seivert agree to the water project dedication with one of the village leaders in El Junco.
The water tanks that now hold clean water for the villagers of El Junco. Angel and Sr. Fatima look at the site for the dedication cross in El Junco.
Richard Seivert starts the digging for the placement of the cross. Francis Seivert makes his first dig for the hole that will hold the cross.
Onlookers watch as the work progresses. Jaido, a local villager, and Juan Ramon carry the cross to its site in El Junco.
Richard Seivert continues digging the hole for the cross. A young man from El Junco helps with the work.
Sr. Fatima begins mixing the cement that will hold the cross in place. Julio helps with the digging.
Richard Seivert mixes cement by hand. Francis Seivert points out the plaque with his sister's photo that is welded to the top-right arch on the cross.
The villagers of El Junco admire the cross at the dedication ceremony. Richard and Francis Seivert watch as the work progresses.
Richard Seivert checks the depth of the hole that Jaido continues to dig. Jaido and a villager of El Junco work on the cement mixing.
The children gather rocks to help with the positioning of the cross. Richard Seivert helps to place the cross into its final position.
Francis Seivert directs the positioning of the cross. Francis Seivert and a villager carry wet cement up the hill to pour into the hole around the cross.
Jaido holds the cross in  place while the villagers continue to pour rocks and cement into place around it. Francis Seivert puts the finishing touches into the  base.
Richard and Francis Seivert pose with the cross, dedicated in their sister Mary Ellen Seivert Kellen's name. Mary Ellen was tragically killed in January 2009. Monchin, grandson Philipe, Juan Ramon, and Jaido pose with the cross they built for the dedication of El Junco's water project.
Richard Seivert watches a village leader put the    finishing touches on the cross's positioning. Some of the villagers of El Junco pose with the cross after it was put into place.
Sr. Fatima, a village leader of El Junco, and Richard Seivert lead the prayer service during the dedication ceremony. The cross for El Junco's water project, dedicated in Mary Ellen Kellen Seivert's name, stands just below the Catholic church in the village and will be easily seen by all travelers.